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Tax consultancy

We pay tax assistance in all areas of direct and indirect taxes in relation to the customs legislation. The objectives in this field are achieved through careful and thorough analysis of markets and economic aspects of the industry in which we operate from a long time.

Areas of intervention

• Procedures and practices recurring tax
• Update on developments in tax legislation
• Problems and applications favorable fiscal
• Tax Planning
• Tax litigation
• Fiscal consultancy and assistance
• Help with tax audits
• Representation before tax institutions
• Tax return
• Declaration VAT
• Declaration of succession
• Tax Strategies in succession, in particular entrepreneurial succession
• Consultancy for foreign investors in Italy and Italians abroad

Employment consulting

The firm’s advisory work across all sectors of the labor law, social security and personnel administration. Our areas of intervention are: human resources management, the administrative staff, the management of the employment relationship, self and agency as well as other specific activities.

CAF Tax Assistance Centre

The firm has assistance as CAF center on the model 730, UNIQUE, ICI, RED, INPS, ISEE, etc.

Corporate advice

Studio Tacchini also lends assistance in corporate law.
Our areas of intervention are: the creation, modification and dissolution of the company, the relationship between
members, corporate compliance, drafting of financial statements and periodic administrative and accounting assistance.

Administrative control

Management control for industrial, commercial and services, budget, internal cost control.

Start-up and accompanying business abroad

The firm offers full support to entrepreneurs when starting new business abroad. Whatever the state in which it will open the new venture, we will be able to fulfill all the paperwork. Let us put our experience at the disposal of those businesses that have as their main objective the placing on the foreign market, paying particular attention to the interests of each company.
I will deal with the regularization bureaucratic background, liberalization of licenses, accounting and tax obligations, etc. In addition, our staff will trade investigations in order to provide advice on business strategies most suited to every situation.

Legal advice

We assist entrepreneurs, companies and individuals offering a service for legal and corporate also with regard to the conversion of loans into investments, reinvestments and repatriation of capital, relying on partners qualifcati and efficient.

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